domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Palestine marks intl. day of action for boycotting Israeli agricultural products

Palestine marks intl. day of action for boycotting Israeli agricultural products

Hala al-Safadi, Press TV, Gaza

Foreign and Palestinian activists as well as farmers, fishermen and members of the union of agricultural workers committees from International Action for Palestine have marked the international day of action for boycotting the Israeli agricultural products.

They say the agricultural products are used by Israel to infringe on the rights of Palestinians and violate the international law. 

A similar rally has also been held in the occupied West Bank. 

Since the end of Israel’s recent assault on the Gaza Strip, Tel Aviv has stepped up pressure on the Palestinian population living in the coastal territory. Israel has imposed restraints on farmers. Israeli troops have injured 86 of while working on their lands in the Buffer Zone near the eastern border of occupied Palestine. Today, the marchers demonstrated against the Gaza Buffer Zone, planting olive trees in previously bulldozed farmlands. 

There is a consistent response from farmers along the buffer zone. They say they are suffering from the Israeli occupation which has destroyed their production and denied them the possibility of exporting their products. Farmers agree that only International pressure on Israel will improve their livelihoods. 

The organizers of this rally are demanding demonstrators rallying in over 30 countries step up their boycott of the Israeli products by divesting and imposing sanctions on what they call the Israeli apartheid regime. 

Palestinian and international activists continue to boycott Israel. This time they’re targeting the Israeli agricultural products. 

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